Architectural Control & Restrictions

Due to current office procedures for safety during the COVID-19 situation, please submit all ACC applications with supporting documents via the email listed below. If an application fee is required (anything that is not like-for-like, or you have not completed another ACC application within the last 6 months), please go to the JCP owner portal and submit your $25 application fee. This can be done via e-check/credit card. Please put a note with payment ex: “ACC application-paint”

Email to:

Call 904-417-7600 for any questions/concerns




JCP ACC Application

ACC Guidelines- Rev.-12.11.19

Painting Checklist

Fencing Checklist


Roofing Checklist

          Approved Roof Colors- Rev 1.22.2020

Tree Removal.Replacement Checklist

         JCP – Arborist Report for Tree Removal

        Tree Information

Landscaping/New Trees Checklist

Driveways Checklist

Front Door/Sliding Door Checklist

Storm Door Checklist

Pools Checklist

Outbuildings/Recreational Structures Checklist

Screen Enclosures/Patios Checklist

Windows Checklist

Gutters/Downspouts Checklist

Wells Checklist

Propane Tanks Checklist

Mailbox Specifications


Plantation Estates Mailbox Specs 8.15.18

ACC Commercial Guidelines


As a planned, or “deed restricted”, community, JCP was developed pursuant to certain “covenants and restrictions” that set standards all homeowners must follow. That means each residential property within our community is subject to rules and restrictions relating to changes, improvements, and/or modifications made to the exterior of the property.

The JCP Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve all exterior changes to your property before the changes are made. ACC review of your proposed change is initiated by your submission of a complete application.

These changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Roof replacements (including replacement with the same color and shingle) 
  • All exterior painting (colors must be approved – including repainting of the existing color)
  • Landscape re-design (at any location on property)
  • Removal or planting of trees
  • Addition of playsets, sheds, fences and other temporary or permanent structures
  • Pool and screen enclosure additions
  • Driveway, patio or walkway changes
  • Other modifications that change the appearance of your property
  • If you have any questions about your proposed improvements or the ACC process, please contact the Architectural Control Coordinator at 904-417-7600 or by email at
  • Failure to Apply- Please remember that failure to apply for and receive ACC approval for certain improvements may result in substantial monetary penalties, and/or a requirement to remove or reverse the completed work.

JCP POA IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ACC COMMITTEE – For more information: email or call Marie Patri at 904-417-7600

The Architectural Control Committee meets 2 times per month to approve applications.
The Architectural Control Committee shall have the duties an functions set forth in the Declarations and any Supplemental Declarations adding Additional Property to the Declaration. It shall watch for any proposal, programs, activities which may adversely affect the residential value of the Property and shall advise the Board of Directors regarding Association action in such matters.