The JCP Board of Directors and all committee members are homeowner volunteers. The efforts of experienced and dedicated volunteers are critical to the efficient operation of our POA. If you have some extra time, needed expertise and would like to make a contribution to your community, please consider joining a committee.

Board of Directors

The JCP POA Board of Directors holds primary responsibility for the overall management of the POA and oversees the POA Property Manager. The Board is comprised of seven volunteers who are elected by the JCP property owners through annual elections usually conducted in June. Director terms are for two years, and are staggered. Advance notice of upcoming elections – and seats to be filled – is mailed to all homeowners. The Board usually meets monthly at the JCP POA office which is located at 950 Davis Pond Blvd, St. Johns, FL 32259.


The JCP POA committees oversee various areas of the POA’s responsibilities. These committees have specific responsibilities, and are staffed by JCP homeowners who volunteer their time to make a difference in JCP. Committees usually meet at the office of the Property Management company (950 Davis Pond Blvd, St. Johns FLorida 32259), but we recommend you check the calendar for updated meeting information.  Committee Candidate Applications can be located in the “Forms” page.

Audit Committee:  This committee supervises the annual audit of the POA’s books and approves the annual budget and balance sheet to be presented at all Annual Meetings of owners. It usually requires the least time commitment from its members. A background in finance or accounting is helpful.

Architectural Control Committee:  JCP POA IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS For ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE (ACC) - For more information you may email jcppoa@vestapropertyservices.com or call 904-417-7600

The ACC’s primary role is to review architectural requests submitted by homeowners, and the review of other aesthetic matters relating to the community. The ACC meets twice each month.  A background in engineering, construction, or landscaping is helpful. Members must become knowledgeable of the community covenants, restrictions and guidelines.  If you can’t make the time commitment necessary to attend bi-monthly meetings, consider becoming an alternate member. Alternates only attend when needed for a quorum.

Covenants Enforcement Committee:  The CEC conducts monthly hearings relating to violations of community rules by homeowners, and imposes fines as appropriate. CEC committee members cannot be members of the Board of Directors or have any relationship with Directors. Alternates are also needed for the CEC.

Maintenance Committee  - JCP POA IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS For the MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE (MC) - For more information you may email jcppoa@vestapropertyservices.com or call 904-417-7600

The MC meets monthly and oversees all of JCPs common property - landscaping, irrigation, ponds, neighborhood entrances, etc. A background in engineering, construction, landscaping or contracts is helpful.

Publicity: The primary role of the Publicity committee is to assist POA management in informing residents of community activities and functions.